Picture Writing Project: Fireworks

Fireworks outside our hotel window
Fireworks outside our hotel window

It was one of those rare moments when I raised my head to the sky because of overflowing gratitude. Our hotel room was facing the city view. Everyone went out of the room and I was left alone. It was a few hours before new year’s eve and we were waiting until 12 midnight to feel delight in seeing little glow of lights from afar. And then, just then, I saw fireworks lit up just outside the window. It was like looking at those fiery lights at close up view. And I was able to take a picture. I’m a lucky girl.

Happy new year everyone!

365 Days of Picture Writing: Day 6

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This is what my sweet little notebook tells me everyday.

While I am jobless, at home and contemplating on how I’d be able to accomplish my plans in life, I decided to set up my mini workstation today. It consists of a mini-desk, a laptop, iPad, mini vibrating speaker, two pencil holders full of colorful ballpens, my 2013 Starbucks planner that I wasn’t really able to use last year, a scratch pad, cable holder for my gadget’s cables, and of course my precious “Always smile” notebook.

She has been with me in 2013, during my “not so good” times, when I thought that I was on a dead-end. It’s 2014, I am better, and I’m not able to consume half of her yet. I guess she’d still be with me for the rest of the year. πŸ™‚