Me Time

I took a time-off during the Halloween and because I didn’t had enough budget to go to the beach, I decided to spend my vacation doing some laundry, de-clutttering, walking, eating and picture taking.

On one of the days, I watched a movie alone for the first time (one item ticked-off from my bucket list) and then I went to BGC and did my usual walking and tried one of the coffee shops in Fort Strip. I forgot to take a picture though so I won’t put it here and I didn’t really enjoyed the place so I guess I’m not going back there. Then I walked and walked and stopped at Fully Booked. I’d been there several times but this was the first time that I really spent time just looking at book titles and flipping pages.

This wall is my favorite.

Wall art

Some of the books that I intend to read. Took photos so I won’t forget the titles.

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the life changing magic of tidying up
I’ll give you the sun
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Pieces of You


I think it took me 10 minutes before I decided I’m not going to buy this notebook. It costs 500 pesos.

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Fucking Bitch notebook


Made me smile. I really had to take a picture.

I’d like to hang this on my wall.

My dinner that day. I found out eating good food is the best thing to do when you’re stressed out or sad.

Pasta and asian salad The Old Spaghetti House

TOSH, Market! Market! has a lovely interior. Perfect for me times.

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SWEET interior

The Adventures of Lunebelle: A Fan of Lindsey Kelk

I just finished reading “I Heart Vegas” by Lindsey Kelk. It’s the 4th installment of her “I Heart Series“. Well, if you would click on the link you will be directed to Goodreads where the summary for each book is posted. I’m kind of lazy to put up my own summary and by the way, I’m not good with summaries. Every time I’d attempt to make one I just end up babbling that about two to three paragraphs of the “summary” will consist of non-related content. This isn’t supposed to be a book review any way. So yeah, I won’t tell you a summary.

I came across one of Ms Kelk’s works sometime in March. I can’t remember if it’s before or after my birthday. I just wanted something light, cheery and cheesy to read after reading the Fifty Shades trilogy for the second time. I have always been a hopeless romantic and I am still wishing that one a day the right guy would just show up and and sweep me off my feet.

So, anyway, I saw The Single Girl’s To Do List in Goodreads and thought of giving it a try. I loved the book so much that after finishing the story I read it again two days later. Last week, I decided to try the “I Heart Series”. Mainly because I’m already getting bored about worrying about my online shop and partly because I want to recharge my inspiration level that was almost going down to zero.

The books are not really one of kind. Just like any other chic lits, they’re hilarious, romantic and supposed to give you a smile. But what I do “love” about them is that I could almost see my life in them. Well, not really the drinking booze first thing in the morning or the shopping til you drop part. Firstly, I’m allergic to alcohol. There has been no single event where my face didn’t turned red when I drank a beer, vodka or tequila. It’s been one of my fantasies to party til dawn though. Not that I have never experienced it. But still, I would like to do that more often. As for the shopping part, I would absolutely want to try buying an expensive lingerie at least once in my life, but right now I am jobless and moneyless and I can’t get a credit card even though I had already tried.

So, here’s the part where my life is kind of related to the story. Four years ago, I experienced my major heartbreak. And that heartbreak led me to moving out of my lovely and comfortable home and then living in an apartment in an ever so busy city and working for a company that helped me bring out the best in me. It was awesome. I was in a totally new place, with totally new friends and totally new life. I learned to fix myself up and developed a love for clothes and shoes and bags. It’s been one of the best days of my life, or years. It was awesome until I got tired of working in the office for almost twelve hours everyday. I had always thought that there is no way of leaving a job that was my dream job. But then I realized that there is also no way of doing a thing and staying in a place where you’re no longer happy. I wanted to breathe and I wanted to try something new. Something that I could do the whole day without having to drag myself just to be able to do it.

I mentioned before on my previous post that I keep different sorts of lists. To-do lists, shopping lists, dreams lists.. And this is why I smiled when I learned that the protagonist in The Single Girl’s To-Do List also had this obsession on lists. And that her mother is a fan of the zodiac signs. Did I mention before that I am a fan of the zodiac? No, I think not. But yeah, I am and I am a Pisces.

Reading the ‘I Heart Series”, “I Heart New York” especially, led me to thinking about my life. I am already past the “Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella” part of my life where I was stuck in a crossroad and had to choose between a fast paced life and a simple but happy life. I left my job months ago and now I’m stuck in my lovely and comfortable home. For five months, I’d been thinking what I would really like to do with my life. I no longer want to wake up at 6a.m everyday to prepare for my 9a.m job. I have always loved colors and vibrancy. My most favorite task on former job is creating PowerPoint presentations where I could choose and design layouts and color schemes. And so Rachel Summers, the girl in the Single Girl, being a make up artist, inspired me to enroll in a make up school as soon as I can already pay for it. My new found love for make up actually started when I was asked to stand as make up artist during a graduation. I was more than happy to try the new skills that I learned from Youtube and even more happy to stay in a classy hotel for free. On the other hand, Angela Clark, I Heart’s leading lady, is a writer, her boyfriend a lead singer of a band, her best friend a hotel concierge turned stylist, all do not worry about waking up at 6 in the morning to get to and stay in the office for twelve hours. I would like to be a stylist one day. I have this friend, who also happen to be my business partner, would text me sometimes to ask what outfits she would wear in the office for the week. And then I’ll even be happier to instruct her what and what not to wear.

After reading these books, I came up with new ambitions and plans, like becoming an entrepreneur (already started this), a make up artist, stylist, blogger (kinda but not quite yet), and photographer. Well, I thought about the photographer part and I sort of realized that carrying heavy equipment every photo shoot is not so girly. So maybe not a professional photographer then, more of like a photo blogger really.

I’d like to think that everything could just be so easy like one, two, three. Angela Clark, a full-blooded Brit, just went to New York and had a whole new life. I already did that anyway. Not move to New York of course, but running away and finding a new life in a different city. It’s just that maybe I got too excited at first and now all the excitement has worn off. And that I am stuck at home with no idea how to restart given that I am jobless and moneyless and without a credit card. I have thought of finding a new job by the way, if you’re going to suggest that. It’s basically the most sensible thing that one would be able to think of at times like these. I can’t go on “vacation” all my life surely? It might be OK to wake up early (since everyday I keep on promising myself that I’ll be a morning person) and stay at work for twelve hours, as long as the “work” would involve me having heart-to-heart talks with my creative side. I have decided months ago that I am not a robot. And I surely wouldn’t waste more years of my life doing something that I don’t specially love.

This afternoon, after I got to the last page of I Heart Vegas, a thought came to mind. Maybe the city where I used to live is not the right place for me. Maybe this place that I am calling my home is not the right place for me. Maybe there is some place out there that is the right place for me and I haven’t found it yet. And maybe if I stopped hibernating in this lovely and comfortable home of mine and just go out there, get myself connected, then I would have greater chances of being able to do all my heart’s desires.


So Ms Lindsey Kelk, yes I’m talking to you even though there is only very little possibility that you might stumble upon this blog. I would just like you to know that I am now a fan of yours. Really, I still think it’s awesome that you’ve mentioned lists and zodiac signs in your books. Will you believe that a guy friend of mine, who so used to believe that horoscopes are fake, now checks our horoscopes everyday because of my influence? He even has this compatibility app installed on his phone and talks about zodiac signs personalities a lot more often than me.

What I’m really trying to say is, your books inspire me. And I’ve believed long ago that there’s no such thing as coincidence. Finding about your books during this point in my life is not just timely, maybe it’s what they call fate. Maybe you’re my hero. Maybe Angela Clark, or Rachel Summers.

I am not saying that I would like to try everything that the books told, like waking up naked next to a stranger. But I strongly think that what’s really missing in my life is passion, thrill and fun. There are times when I would just like to go crazy and do stupid stuff. And I would want to do those stuff with crazy, stupid friends. But most of all, I would like to believe that one day, I will meet my own Alex or Dan, a super hot but not so super perfect guy, who’s definitely a Cancer or a Scorpio, whom I could share my passion, my dreams and my life.