My Make-up Journey Officially Starts Now

This post originally started with the reason on why I got myself to the mall yesterday to do a little shopping. I kinda got carried away with babbling that my introduction turned into 5 paragraphs. 5 paragraphs that are completely not related with make-up. So, I decided to just delete them all, but I didn’t want to waste the one and half hour of typing them so I thought of putting them in another post. If you like to read my non-related babbling, then here it is.

Seeing my purchase got me inspired. I found a new love in make-up and I want to learn more about it, like all of it. I want to document every bit of the learning process so I thought of adding a new category in my blog about beauty. I believe that doing this will help keep the motivation I need to pursue my new dream. Aside from that, I’d been thinking what else to write on this blog that will make it interesting, aside from babbling. I figured a beauty topic is a lot more interesting than a crappy day topic.


Here are some of the items I bought from the mall yesterday. I bought 3 make-up brushes and a replacement for my favorite concealer. I can’t go out without a concealer and I’ve decided long ago that a concealer is an essential part of my existence. I also planned on buying a BB cream but luckily my business partner offered to sell me her pretty BB cream for one third of the original price that was used only twice and directly bought from Korea because she said that it didn’t suit her skin. So now I got a pretty BB cream. Happy.

2014-05-22 10.53.06-1
New make-up tools
MISSHA Signature Complete BB Cream
The very pretty MISSHA Signature Real Complete BB Cream
ELF Professional Brushes
Eye shadow Brush, Blending Brush and Powder Brush by ELF

I forgot to take a photo of my favorite concealer and I’m no longer in the mood to get it from my make up pouch, snap a photo and do another picture editing. I’m just lazy, really, no special reasons. I’ll do it another day, promise, when there’s a new make-up post. Anyway, the concealer is also by ELF, it’s the ELF All Over Cover Stick. I’ve been using this brand since 2010 because their products blends perfectly with the skin. I’ve been told so many times already that my face looks flawless, like I don’t have any make-up on, when in reality, my face’s skin tone is not even and I have some pimple marks that are destroying my dream of a clean and clear skin.

I bought 3 ELF make-up brushes only, just the essential ones. I wanted to buy all of them but didn’t because, of course, I’m unemployed and I don’t have enough savings to satisfy my shopping fantasies. Previously, I only had a powder brush and that brush needed replacing because it has become frizzy after I tried to wash it. I saw the other types of brushes and thought that since I strongly want to pursue a career in make-up, then maybe I should start by practicing the basic eye make-up techniques that I learned online. Hence, the eye shadow and blending brush.

The brushes in white are cheaper compared to the black one. I guess it has something to do with the bristles. The black one has softer and thicker bristles which I think would last longer. I’m not completely happy with the powder brush that I bought. The bristles are rough, like it’s an old stock so I think I wouldn’t be using it. There’s an equivalent of the powder brush with the black handle though, and I plan to buy one when I get a job. The black powder brush feels so soft when brushed to the face and it gives you the assurance that your face wouldn’t get irritated because of the silky soft feeling. I know because my business partner owns one and she lent me her make-up kit when I did the make-up of my niece on her graduation.

Now we go the the BB cream. Yesterday, I sent a text message to my partner asking where she bought her BB cream. It was included in the make-up kit she lent me before. I used it three times last April and I liked how my face didn’t get too oily even after a whole day without touch ups, compared to when I only had powder on. I haven’t heard of or seen the brand before. I was planning on buying a different brand in case we don’t have it here in the Philippines or if I wouldn’t be able to afford it. So when she told me she’s selling it for 500 pesos, I immediately agreed.

Turns out, MISSHA has outlets here in the PH after all. I just need to do a research on that because I definitely would want to see their other products in person.


I tried a simple party look this morning but I didn’t dare post a picture of myself here. The eye make-up was nice, a glittery bronze and dark brown combination. I don’t have much choices with the lip color as I only own three shades: a matte red, coral pink and a frosted light pink. I went for the light pink at first but it didn’t quite match with my eye make-up so I dabbed a little red. The overall look was alright but I felt like it doesn’t suit me. I think I’m more of like a pretty in pink girl. Ha ha. I wanted a different shade of pink but since I do not have any, I’m adding it to my shopping list. And a mascara by the way, and the black ELF powder brush, a bronzer, eye primer, NAKED by Urban Decay palette, oh and SIGMA brushes.. OK, the list goes on.