365 Days of Picture Writing: Day 6

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This is what my sweet little notebook tells me everyday.

While I am jobless, at home and contemplating on how I’d be able to accomplish my plans in life, I decided to set up my mini workstation today. It consists of a mini-desk, a laptop, iPad, mini vibrating speaker, two pencil holders full of colorful ballpens, my 2013 Starbucks planner that I wasn’t really able to use last year, a scratch pad, cable holder for my gadget’s cables, and of course my precious “Always smile” notebook.

She has been with me in 2013, during my “not so good” times, when I thought that I was on a dead-end. It’s 2014, I am better, and I’m not able to consume half of her yet. I guess she’d still be with me for the rest of the year. 🙂

365 Days of Picture Writing: Day 5

A lovely red flower that used to be part of a beaded necklace. The necklace has already fallen into pieces but I chose to keep the flower.
A lovely red flower that used to be part of a beaded necklace. The necklace has already fallen into pieces but I chose to keep the flower.

I have always been girly since I was a child. I love looking at sweet and pretty things. I adore flowers, ribbons and laces, dresses, ball gowns, cupcakes, fireworks, the moon and the constellations, night lights… I love colors and vibrancy as these are the things that make me most alive.

365 Days of Picture Writing: Day 3

red christmas balls
A dusty ornament on our old Christmas tree.

Our Christmas theme had always consisted of red flowers and red ornaments with a little bit of blues, yellows, whites and violets.

For the next Christmas holidays, I want a new theme and so I plan to help my mother decorate our home. I always get inspired by DIY home decorations that I see online. Maybe I can also do DIY ornaments for our Christmas tree. 🙂

As early as now I might need to write down my ideas and things to do for the next holidays because I’m such a forgetful young person. 🙂

365 Days of Picture Writing

I really need to sharpen my brain. I have this short-term memory that I need to set a reminder for every single thing that I need to do. In 2013, I came up with a project that I intended to start doing on the very first day of 2014, the 365 Days of Picture Writing. It’s already the 3rd of  January and I am only posting my first photo now, how bad is that? I don’t want to cancel my project so I’m still posting it anyway. Better late than never, right?

I got the idea from Lisa Congdon’s art and illustration blog that I shared through a post months ago. My version of the 365 Days project is to take a picture each day of something or someone significant on that particular day. It’s a totally new life for me. I have left my first job and I’m planning to take on a business venture. It’s going to be hard but I believe that I can get through this. 🙂 Since it’s a new year and a new perspective, I want to do things that I have never done before, things with great meaning, and things that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t had the time and inspiration to even start doing.

So here you go, my very first photo for the year. Happy new year everyone! 🙂