I have always been a Blogger user. The primary reason why I have stuck to Blogger is because of its functionality to use Google Adsense for free. The thing that I hate about it though is that template editing is not that simple and it’s themes are not as sleek as wordpress.

The past months I have decided to revive my blog after more than 3 years of hiatus (see here why I’ve been in hiatus). I wanted it to have new look. I am a different person now. I am simpler. I recently dyed my hair to black from being blonde because I realized being natural is what makes a person more beautiful. Anyways, since I am a new me, I want my blog to reflect the person that I am today.

For weeks I had stayed late at night in finding templates that would suit my Blogger blog. I was able to find one. Al Otro Lado Del Sol template by Comparadisimo. It’s a dark but cute theme with colorful trains and puzzles. It’s really nice but I still did a lot of editing especially with the fonts and the 3-column footer.

I recently left my job as an analyst in a multinational company. This time I promised that I will get back to blogging. Being a girl who gets into frequent mood swings, I wanted to change my blog’s theme again. I want something white and simple, like that of the blog of the fashionista, Kim Jones. πŸ™‚ But I have already made a lot of changes with the template’s code and I am not in the mood to redo everything. Not now and not in the future.

I remembered I have wordpress-hosted blogs too. One is a private journal and the other one is just random pieces of my crazy self. I like using WordPress more than Blogger, but it doesn’t allow advertisements on blogs that are hosted for free. But still I made a decision to host this blog in wordpress instead, besides, this is just a place for my ideas and daily ramblings. It won’t really need ads. πŸ™‚

So here it is. Previous posts from Blogger have been transferred here. I love the Tags and Categories functionality because with Blogger these are just the same and you can’t add subcategories. And finally, I have found a sweet minimalist theme that exactly describe Lunebelle, my alter ego. πŸ™‚


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